About Us


Hello Wild Oak Co. Family! My name is Tiffany, the owner and treatment provider at Wild Oak Co.

After spending 15 years as a Certified Dental Assistant, I wanted to be able to provide client care in a different way. I have a true passion for helping others and I feel everyone deserves to see how beautiful they are inside and out, just as they are. Wild Oak Co. was started to provide you with a space for you to provide self-care. For you to spend some time, free of judgement, to take care of you.

From a young age I struggled with my skin, which caused a lot of insecurity. I suffered from acne, acne scarring, pigmentation and recently Melasma. As I got older I learned to truly embrace my skin and be grateful for it, no matter what state it was in. I hope to be able to provide you space to do the same.

I try to take a somewhat minimalist approach to your self-care and treatments, depending on your needs. I aim to use local products and those free of harmful chemicals and ingredients. Providing treatments that will help enhance what you naturally have.

I pride myself on client care, working with local companies and being involved in the community.

I truly look forward to treating you with some "you" time and having you join

the Wild Oak Co.  family!

Be wildly YOU!