Wild Oak Co. is a private studio in Port Moody, BC with a goal of providing a space for mindful self-care. With a true passion for helping others, I'd love for you to take some you time and feel like one of the family. After 15 years in the dental industry, primarily Dental Surgery, I am excited to have a space to provide a different kind of client care.

Let's be real, who likes going to the dentist?

This company is dedicated to my Grandma Marie. She was sassy, genuine and purely amazing. She always told me to live my best life, be kind, and that I could accomplish anything.


At Wild Oak Co. our treatments are results focussed and customized to your individual needs. I pride myself in client care, working with local companies and being involved in the community. 

I look forward to treating you with some "you" time!




Chemical peels are chemical compounds applied to the skin (such as Lactic, Salicylic, Glycolic acids and antioxidants)  to refine pores, improve acne, brighten skin and smooth your complexion. Chemical peels work my stimulating new cell growth my exfoliating old skin to reveal a fresher and brighter appearance. Each peel is dependant on skin type and concern.

You will notice a difference after one treatment, but for deep scarring and acne,  4-6 treatments is recommended for best results.

Downtime: It depends on the peel but most will have little downtime. Some clients may have redness and peeling, depending on the skin and peel applied.

You must wait 6 months after taking Accutaine to have a chemical peel. 

Enzyme peels are another addition to our treatments but are composed of fruit enzymes and help to exfoliate naturally.


A minimally invasive treatment using the Health Canada and FDA approved InnoPen to stimulate collagen production. This treatment creates micro-injuries to the skin which stimulate collagen production and repair. It treats acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles,pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and uneven skin texture/tone. Microneedling is one of the fastest-growing trends in anti-aging and cosmetic medicine, thanks to its extraordinary results. Utilized without heat, it minimizes the risk and possible side effects associated with laser treatments.

For best results, we recommend 4-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The number of treatments is dependant on each clients needs. A pre-treatment consultation will be done to discuss this. 

Downtime: After treatment your skin will be flushed and slightly red. This will subside within 24-48 hours. The first week your skin may be more dry than normal and specific aftercare instructions will be given.

All microneedling treatments come with aftercare kit


A manual exfoliation treatment, that removes the outer layer of dead skin and fine, velus hair (peach fuzz).  It is great for treating wrinkles, acne scarring, clogged pores, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Dermaplaning is an effective alternative microdermabrasion or chemical peels for sensitive skin types and creates a fresh new canvas for ideal product absorption. The best part, no downtime!

Our dermaplaning treatments are perfect on their own or a great add on to microneedling or a peel. This allows for topical products to penetrate significantly deeper into the skin layers and allows for the most desireable outcome.

This IS Clinical Fire and Ice Resurfacing Facial is between a mild facial and a chemical peel, with zero downtime. It is results driven and designed to resurface the skin, treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines and promote cellular turnover. 

Unlike other facials it doesn't just improve the appearance of the skins texture; it actually changes the skin at a cellular level.


This treatment uses glycolic acid, niacin and retinol for the "Fire" portion to instantly brighten and smooth, followed by aloe, rosemary, hyaluronic acid for the "Ice" portion to rehydrate. You will find your skin resurfaced, loving behind a smooth and healthy glow,



KLI is a patented system that infuses your lashes with real keratin, strengthening and volumizing them. It lifts the lash without harsh chemicals like a traditional lift/perm and has a 100% no damage guarantee. 

Due to the lack of harsh chemicals this Keratin lift takes a bit longer than a traditional lift but we love the long-term effects it has on lash strength. It increases lash volume by 40% and over time makes lashes longer, stronger and healthier.

Results last 6-8 weeks!


Short on time but still want those lashes lifted? A quick lash lift for those who want to get in and out. This is a perm style lift that lasts 6-8 weeks. Unlike the Keratin Lash Infusion, this treatment does not strengthen the lashes over time but Keratin is infused at the end of every treatment regardless to help strengthen. Lash growth serum will help to keep lashes strong and healthy.



Looking to brighten your smile but nervous about sensitivity? As a dental professional I am excited to be able to provide whitening treatments that are not only sensitivity-free but also preservative-free, cruelty-free, and vegan! We also carry a line that is safe for those that are pregnant and nursing.  


We provide teeth whitening using products by a local company created by dental professionals, Health Canada Approved and used in dental offices. Ready to brighten 2-12 shades?

Take home kits available.



Port Moody, BC


Wild Oak Co. uses Health Canada approved products and devices, is licensed and insured.

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